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Women's Golf Ratings

Golf Course Information

Palm Desert Greens Country Club
Golfing Guidelines and Course Information-
Head Golf Professional, Bob Breidenback, PGA

760-341-5877 Daily Information and Cancellations
760-346-2941 Golf Shop
760-568-3232 Golf Shop and Tee Times Reservations

18 Holes Par 63/63

Ratings for Men:

White Tees 58.9/93
Alt White Course #3 58.0/91
Red Tees 57.0/88
Al Ted-Course #3 56.1/86

Ratings for Women:

White Tees 62.7/104
Red Tees 60.1/100
Course #5 59.7/97

Two Shotguns (AM & PM) each day except Thursday, which is tee times. Club shotguns are as follows: Tuesday is Ladies Day, Wednesday is Men’s Day, and Thursday Is Twilight Golf.

Specific shotgun times will be posted seasonally in the Golf shop. AM shotgun players must be off the course 15 minutes before the PM shotgun start. Players in the PM may not go to their holes until 10 minutes before the shotgun start.

Golf Sign Ups: Sign up sheets for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are in the golf shop. Tuesday Ladies Club, Roadrunners, and Wednesday Men’s Club sign up In their ballot boxes in the golf information room. Thursday Is the only tee time day. Call in for Thursday on Wednesday on 760-568-3232 reservation number.

Dress Code: Appropriate golf attire at all times on the golf course and practice facilities. T-shirts, tank tops, crop tops. halter-tops, bicycle and gym shorts, blue jeans (denim) and dungarees are not permitted. All shorts or skirts are measured from the middle of the knee upwards to the bottom of the hem and this measurement may not exceed 6 Inches. Golf shoes with non-metallic spikes are required, however tennis shoes or other soft-soled shoes may be worn.

No bare feet allowed.

Rules of Play: USGA Rules of Goll govern all play except for local rules noted below.

Water hazard holes #9, #10, and #16 (See note regarding #6 lateral Water Hazards).

Lateral Water Hazards holes #1, #3, #4, #5, #6 and part of #16, #17 and #18. (Note: for lake on #16, generally a Water Hazard, however, if the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard is beyond the red stake, it should be played as a Lateral Water Hazard).

Out of Bounds defined by white stakes, property lines and streets. Balls coming to rest on a perimeter road are out of bounds.

Balls coming to rest within the white stakes at the “pump area” at #9 and behind the #9 green at the Golf Shop are out of bonds. NO relief for a ball landing by a property owner’s wall, that interferes with a player’s stance or intended area of swing. (Unplayable Lie, Rule 2B).

Local Rules: Drop area for lake #9; In addition to options under rule 26 (Water Hazard), ball may be dropped i9n the designated drop area under penalty of one stroke. This is the only designated drop area on the course for a Water Hazard.

Course planted flower beds are to be played as ground under repair. (USGA Rule 15-1).

If a ball comes to rest in the drainage area at the left side of the #9 fairway, the ball may be dropped without penalty in accordance with USGA Rule 24-2b(i) (Immovable obstructions).