A Senior's Guide to Downsizing

Here's a great article from Rachel Christian - "Downsizing For Retirement: A Step-by-Step Guide"

Assisted Living Facilities

Families looking for assisted living in California have many choices of communities to choose from (it is estimated that there are more than 3,588 in CA alone). California is also home to a growing number of seniors, with adults over 65 making up an estimated 14 percent of the population.

Here are links to find information and reviews of providers of Assisted Living in California and Assisted Living facilities on Palm Desert.

Devices That Can Help Seniors Maintain Their Health at Home

Staying healthy at home is very important for seniors, especially those who may be dealing with illnesses like diabetes and hypertension. To help educate seniors on devices that can help them maintain their health at home, here's a link to a list of the Top 5 Remote Patient Monitoring Devices.